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How to Speak on TedX and other amazing stages, Easily Position Yourself as an Expert Coach and make up to $100,000 in as little as 6 Months, with Less Effort, Zero Ad Spend just by Following One Simple Formula

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Dear Expert Coach,

If you’re looking to make an extra $100,000 in 6 months… pay close attention.  I know that sounds like a big claim… and it is. Most folks will never make that amount.  The reason I think you can is because I’ve seen it done over and over and over again.

And here’s proof:

“Since being with Manny, I have visibly grown.  And the Journey continues as I am guided through stamping my authority on my niche and leveraging opportunities to increase my reach. I am grateful for the time spent getting in touch with myself and signing up for the services of Mr Manny Wolfe. Since being with Manny, I have visibly grown. My income has increased 3-4x. I hold my head up on stage. My audience has increased 20x

That’s what you’ll be shown here…

You’ll be hand delivered great speaking gigs that will help you grow your coaching or Expert business

If you are smart, you know the incredible power that even a single good speaking opportunity has to bring you clients, build your authority, help you share your message, and make great connections that can turn into partnerships, deals, and more

And you also know that finding and applying to speaking gigs can be extremely time-consuming, tedious, and even feel like a second job

And with dozens, or even hundreds of people rushing to apply to every open call for speakers… the competition can be stiff

So while the payoff is amazing, the effort can be enough to stop you from ever getting started

At Opus, we see this as a big hole in the world of

professional public speaking, so we fixed it!

It used to be that you really only had two choices if you wanted to break into being a speaker…

You could sign up with those speaker leads websites, and you would get new leads delivered to your inbox each week, and some of them would even be decent, but you still have to fill out every application, and hope for the best

But since it’s very much a numbers game, you need to fill out a LOT of those applications

And let’s face it, after a while you just start ignoring those emails from those websites, because you know they mean lots of busy work for you, and you do have other things to do that will bring you better results more quickly

The other option is the Bureau/Agency option…. sigh!

If you sign up with a Bureau, you get to add your One Sheet, a video or two, a Bio , and maybe some other promotional stuff, and then what?

Not much, since you have no way to even be proactive on a Bureau website, all you can do is wait to be found, assuming that whoever looks for you, likes your profile better than the dozens of other profiles right next to yours on the site

That is the old way, and it just doesn’t work very well

You get the temporary boost of hope, from signing up, followed by a whole lot of no one contacting you, and even fewer people hiring you-unless of course, you are already a top name in Speaking-but if you are, you don’t need those sites anyway

And let’s not forget the Speakers Agency

For most coaches, Authors and other experts, this is-frankly-a complete waste of time

Think of it this way:

A Speakers Agent makes their money on commissions and sometimes a retainer or monthly fee as well, but they don’t ever work on flat fee

So it follows that they are highly motivated to serve their highest earning speakers, which you are not

It’s nothing personal; it’s just built into the commission-based model

Also, the agency model is heavily skewed toward the agent

If they have 50 clients, and they get each client two gigs per year, that means 100 commission checks for the agent, but only two gigs for you.

Introducing OPUS

Your Secret Resource for Getting Up To 50 Speaking Gigs per Month Like Clockwork

We know that you have a big mission, and a message to share, and that getting up on good stages is one of the absolute best ways to do that, and we also know that doing the grunt work day in and day out to make it happen, can get to feel like an overwhelming grind

So we developed a system that allows us to find up to 50 (you read that right, Five Oh – Fifty!) highly targeted speaking opportunities for you each and every month, including free gigs, paid gigs, and even the highly desirable TedX talks

We find them. We do the application process. We get you the invites. You rock the stage.

As An Exclusive Member of OPUS, You Get…


A team working around the clock to get you on stage, do you think that might help your business to grow?


The freedom of not having to spend your time on things that aren’t your sweet spot, and knowing that a team of pros, dedicated to your success, are working around the clock for you


The opportunity to speak to rooms full of people who were eager for your message, your wisdom, and your services


Pre-vetted speaking invitations, all ready for you to negotiate, accept, and rock-what would that do for your business?

At Opus, we want to be able to help every Coach, Author, or other subject matter expert to get stages, regardless of past track record, or experience, and to be able to grow solid, healthy businesses using speaking as a core part of their strategy

So we did away with the commission model, and instead we work on a flat fee for services

This way we can help brand new speakers, all the way up to seasoned pros, and everyone gets the same focus and attention

We have put people on stages all over the world, and helped them to grow their businesses to amazing levels

So if you like the thought of speaking to rooms full of your perfect audience, and creating huge impact, more income and powerful influence, Opus is for you

Not everyone who applies for the Opus Program will be accepted, but if you are serious about using speaking to grow your business and your brand, we encourage you to fill out the application, because for those who are accepted, Opus is a true game-changing level of service.