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We start with Story telling because people automatically connect to stories.

We will be learning to tell our stories through the S.T.O.R.Y. acronym.

Course Curriculum

S for Structure (STORY) Details 00:00:00
“S” is for Structure. Think of this as the platform from which you will build your signature speech, and your message. everything else will connect to this, so it’s very important that your structure is solid.
T for Tension and Release (STORY) Details 00:00:00
T is for Tension (and Release). This is essential for keeping the audience listening and paying attention (whether it’s an audience, a meeting at work, a social gathering or anything else, the same principle applies.
O for Offer Rich Details S.T.O.R.Y. Details 00:00:00
R for Reveal Universals (STORY) Details 00:00:00
"R" is for Reveal Universals (Through your Specifics). When you understand how to do this effectively, suddenly your personal story will transform into a story that everyone can relate to and empathize with.
Y for You (STORY) Details 00:00:00
"Y" is for You, as in be You. You must know how to project transparency and vulnerability, along with strength, and confidence.

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