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This is the G.E.T. Library, here you will find literally everything you need to start from the very beginning, to decide your perfect audience, learn how to speak their language in your marketing materials, create products fro them, market those products to them, have smooth, easy sales conversations, and enroll new people all the time.


All speakers and coaches should have courses, products or services they can offer people. While speaking is by far, the most powerful tool you have for impacting and influencing your tribe, a real, viable business needs to have ways to earn money when you’re not on stage.

In the G.E.T. Library, I have compiled for you, world-class trainings, in a conversational interview format, from experts in virtually every related field and specialty.

If you find anything at all that you’d like a Guest expert Training on, that isn’t here, just let me know and Ill get it for you.

-Manny Wolfe

Course Curriculum

G.E.T. #6 – Sean Douglas Details 00:00:00
G.E.T. #7 – Ari Meisel Details 00:00:00
G.E.T. #8 – Jared Warner Details 00:00:00
G.E.T. #9 – Emily Utter Details 00:00:00

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