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Next we move to Body Language. It’s very important to really understand what’s at stake with your body language, and why you need to master it.

Did you know that our bodies move BEFORE we speak, and not just afterwards, like researchers assumed for years? This means that what we do with our bodies actually dictates essential things like word choice and verbal concepts. In a nutshell, your body language will determine a great deal of HOW you say what you say.

Also, we constantly read other peoples body language on a subconscious level, and as a survival instinct, we tend to believe the body over the words-so you need to get this one right.

We will be learning Body Language through the P.O.I.S.E. Acronym.


Course Curriculum

P for Posture (POISE) Details 00:00:00
“P” is for Posture. When you master this, you unlock the ability to win over individuals and entire audiences before you ever open your mouth to speak.
O for Organized Mindset P.O.I.S.E. Details 00:00:00
“O” is for Organized Mindset. In this training you will learn how to choose exactly what you wish to project, and super-charge your subconscious with it, so that you never have to think about what to do, or how you are showing up.
I for Intentionality P.O.I.S.E. Details 00:00:00
S for Structure (POISE) Details 00:00:00
E for Eyes and Face P.O.I.S.E. Details 00:00:00

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