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From putting you on stages, so you can share your message on a bigger scale, to Social Media strategies for reach and growth, to Personal Branding that positions you as a top-of-industry expert, to time tested Client Attraction Campaigns and Strategies, guaranteed to increase your bottom line.

Manny has worked with hundreds of Coaches and Speakers from all over the world, and from every different walk of life imaginable, and from that experience has distilled the essence of what all successful visionary coaches have in common

It comes down to a few key things: Clarity, Simplicity, Passion, Reach, Awareness and Drive. When someone has all of these things, acting together in accordance with a single, powerful mission, they can’t fail

Manny’s specialty is showing you how to draw all of these out, get them clear, and put them to work for you

“I went from a non-existent public profile, to now, seen by over 1/2 million people, with my business just growing and growing..

If you truly are looking to grow your business in the world of digital branding and marketing, there is no better mentor, coach and partner to have, than Manny Wolfe with his Coaches Branding Blueprint”
Tom Brennan

Award-Winning Professional Speaker & Trainer ;

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