Manny Wolfe is an incredibly dynamic and moving speaker. He doesn’t often agree to keynote speaking, but when he does, his talks are more like performances. His command of the stage and showmanship make him both sought after and a top choice for events where you want the audience to be moved by emotion and to leave inspired to surpass their current beliefs and results.

"True Character is forged through The GAUNTLET OF ADVERSITY"

Manny weaves a story of unbelievable challenges and obstacles that he has faced and overcome in his life that is both incredible to hear, and powerfully universal, assuring that people from all backgrounds can benefit from his experience and insights.Combining insight, inspiration, wisdom and vision, Manny is living proof that we dont have to be a product of our pasts, our limiting beliefs, or our stories. If you want a speaker for your next event that is guaranteed to leave them speechless and wanting more, please fill out the application below for consideration. Thank you.

Here's a sample from The Deliver Like A Beast video training course