Would you like to become a world class speaker and communicator?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to have their audience (whether from stage, the front of the boardroom, or one to one) eating from the palm of their hands?

Would you like to be able to make a much bigger impact while creating trust and rapport in others easily?

"Getting out of your comfort zone is UNAVOIDABLE, You can't bring the person you are TODAY into the life you want to live TOMORROW"

My name is Manny Wolfe and I can help you with all of this and more. I teach entrepreneurs and high performers how to own the stage, and their message with power, passion, persuasion and precision.

After overcoming a childhood of brainwashing, abuse, violence, drugs and crime, I still felt cripplingly disconnected from other people and life.In my search for answers as to how some people seemed able to effortlessly connect with others and quickly rise to

About Us - Manny

the top of whatever they were doing, I discovered some fundamental principles that have become the foundation for my coaching and my life.

I discovered that, no matter what anyone might say, all of life comes down to communication and relationships. All of it. From your love life, to your career. From your family to your friends.

"Entrepreneur Obstacle #1... Rent Doesn't Care About Your Dreams!" - Manny Wolfe

I learned that the art of communication is the single most powerful, highest earning skill a person can posess because its at the heart of everything.

Everything I teach has worked for me and thousands of others, and It can work for you too.

Again, my name is Manny Wolfe, and I’d love to help you to live your life as the most dynamic, successful version of yourself possible.