1000 Speakers Academy

Welcome to the best online Public Speaking workshop in the world.

My name is Manny Wolfe and I am a Public Speaking Coach. In the 1000 Speakers academy, you will learn to deliver your message with power, passion, persuasion and precision. 

Learn to connect and create rapport with others instantly and effortlessly.

Be part of the only Public Speaking online training course that is also a movement.

In addition to providing you with the best Public Speaking online training available, the 1000 Speakers academy has a built-in Pay it Forward component. As part of the program, you pledge to either mentor two other deserving people, who, in turn, each pledge to mentor two others (and on, and on) or you pledge to plant 10 trees in the name of the 1000 Speakers Academy

(NOTE: in certain instances, you might be able to create your own, special plan for how you wish to pay-it-forward. If you wish to explore this, we can arrange a time to discuss it together.)

Whatever it is, it will be included as part of your training, and part of how we will serve the larger community together. 

​Here's how it works:

It is taught as a 100% online public speaking course. One coaching call a week, with one video post from you on each weeks topic. You will post your weekly video on your public Facebook wall, and tag me, and the 1000 Speakers Academy.

This does two important things: 1. It allows me to see and provide feedback whenever I am available, and 2. It helps to organically promote the program to others.​

I have reduced my private coaching fees by 90% for this program, but I sacrifice none of the quality of the content. In exchange for the unbelievably affordable tuition, you pledge to pay-it-forward in one of the ways I've outlined above.

The mission is this: I serve you at the highest level I possibly can, and in return, you find a way to serve others wholeheartedly.

Thats it. No catches. No anything.

This is my passion project and a labor of love, and if you decide to enroll, you should treat it that way too. No small print, no "Terms of service" to read, nothing.

If you're ready to make a difference, and you have a message to share with the world, then I want to talk to you.

It's time to stand up, and stand out.​

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